Introduction to the blog

old-old-booksThis Blog was created as part of my journey through the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program. The posts on this blog will include past assignments and interesting links as well as my thoughts while I undergo this challenging yet interesting program.
Thanks for visiting!
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3 thoughts on “Introduction to the blog

  1. Hello Daniela,
    I’m still configuring my blog, (for the first time ever!) How did you find creating this page with Word Press? I don’t find it very intuitive to navigate there, but I’m finding my way slowly…please visit “The Trellis” when it’s posted: like you, I have a growing plant as my “blavatar”!

    My name is Kim, good luck with the course!

  2. what about something about you Daniela? Who are you, and what are you taking the program for? Welcome to the block, so to speak.

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